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YAAAS Automotive - Driving Brand Transformation 🍊


YAAAS Automotive approached us with a quest to reimagine their brand. Despite a loyal customer base, their existing branding failed to resonate with a younger, savvy audience. Their logo was also limiting for digital platforms. They needed a comprehensive overhaul—branding that could revitalize their image, increase customer loyalty, and positively affect their bottom line.


Drawing inspiration from the nostalgia of '50s drive-through diners, C:Connect sculpted a modern brand identity grounded in timeless aesthetics. We overhauled their logo, color palette, and typography to evoke a contemporary feel while paying homage to classic automotive culture.


Our approach led to a robust increase in revenue, customer loyalty, and brand referrals. The rebranding achieved a 90% customer approval rate, translating into greater sales and enhanced brand awareness. The minimalist logo design—specially crafted for digital adaptability—enabled brand consistency across platforms, including as a favicon for their website and on stationary.


  • Revenue Boost: Significantly increased revenue through branding that resonated with the target audience.
  • Loyalty & Referrals: Marked improvement in customer loyalty and a surge in customer referrals.
  • Customer Satisfaction: An overwhelming 90% customer approval rate post-rebranding.

By marrying vintage inspiration with modern needs, we ensured YAAAS Automotive's branding is not just eye-catching but also future-proof. This transformative journey reaffirms C:Connect's commitment to bridging innovation with impact, one brand at a time.



Yaaas Automotive



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