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Willowdale Place - Reinventing Community Connection


Willowdale Place faced a significant challenge in creating meaningful connections among residents. The community needed to transcend traditional engagement methods, aiming to foster authentic bonds and a unified identity. The goal was to enhance the community spirit through strategic design and innovative digital solutions that resonate with the collective ethos of Willowdale.


Our journey began with an in-depth Brand DNA Workshop, immersing ourselves in the community's core values. This workshop was pivotal in shaping a design strategy that reflects the authentic voice of Willowdale's residents. The insights gathered from community surveys and collaborative sessions informed our approach to integrating digital innovation with authentic community narratives.

Strategy & Approach:

  • Developing The Strategy: Insights from community surveys and collaborative sessions were synthesized to devise a strategy that integrates digital innovation with authentic community narratives.
  • Defining The Brand: A refreshed brand identity emerged, encapsulating Willowdale Place's dedication to inclusivity, trust, and progressive growth.
  • Understanding The Users: Our design, informed by the varied fabric of the community, ensures an inclusive and accessible experience for every resident.


  • Community Survey
  • Brand DNA Workshop
  • Logo
  • Typography
  • Colour Palette
  • Webflow Development
  • Digital Community
  • Culture Deck
  • Style Guide
  • Stationery


The result was a sleek, modern website alongside a user-friendly community app that captures Willowdale's dynamic essence. Built on Webflow, these platforms now serve as the new nucleus for community interaction, providing effortless navigation to essential resources and events.


  • Enhanced Community Engagement: The platforms have significantly boosted resident engagement, fostering a profound sense of belonging.
  • Setting a New Benchmark: This project positions C:Connect at the forefront of community-focused digital innovation, serving as a model for similar initiatives across Edmonton.

By overcoming communication hurdles and developing a unified brand identity, C:Connect transformed Willowdale Place from a mere residential area into a vibrant, interconnected community. Our fusion of design and technology has woven the diverse threads of Willowdale's stories into a tapestry of connected living, setting a new paradigm in community engagement.



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