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Family Matters Law & Mediation - Empowering Families Through Legal Excellence


Starting a new law firm in the complex sphere of Family Law and Mediation is a daunting task. Family Matters Law & Mediation sought to break through the noise by crafting a brand that radiated confidence, knowledge, and approachability, coupled with a one-page website designed for client engagement.


Our journey began with a 3-hour brand discovery session that uncovered the unique challenges and goals of the firm and its founder. Prioritizing education and a hands-on approach, we developed a comprehensive branding and marketing plan that serves as the firm's cornerstone.

Strategy & Approach:

  • Developing The Strategy: This intensive session allowed us to surface both organizational challenges and opportunities, forming the backbone of our subsequent branding and web development work.
  • Defining The Brand: A detailed strategic framework was created to navigate the specific challenges and goals that law firms in NY State face.
  • User Personas: The firm aims to be a beacon for Black Families and Women in NY, guiding them through the U.S. legal system with empathy and expertise.


  • Modern Branding: We crafted a contemporary brand identity that embodies professionalism, knowledge, and goal orientation, enhancing client confidence.
  • Website: Developed in Webflow, the one-page website serves dual purposes: promoting the firm and educating the public about Family Law in NY State. The design balances a slightly edgy aesthetic with the level of professionalism expected from a legal firm.


  • Increased Client Confidence: The cohesive branding and educational content have enhanced the firm’s credibility.
  • Ready to Showcase Excellence: The website is engineered to feature the firm's legal prowess, positioning it as a formidable player in the Family Law and Mediation landscape.

Family Matters Law & Mediation is more than just a law firm; it's a brand that understands the intricacies of family life and legal challenges. This project is yet another testament to how C:Connect employs innovative strategies to create real-world impact.



Family Matters Law & Mediation



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