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AIE Flooring - Crafting Trust Through Digital Experience


AIE Flooring needed more than a digital storefront; they required an online experience that would make customers feel confident, trusted, and valued. Their existing branding did little to reassure clients, and their website lacked the immersive, user-friendly experience modern consumers expect.


Our relationship with AIE Flooring began with a 3-hour Brand DNA Workshop to clarify their business objectives and customer needs. This deep dive informed the branding and digital strategy, from logo design to website development. The essence of AIE's brand—honest, straightforward, and trusted—was distilled into visual and functional elements.


  • Logo redesign
  • Updated colour palette
  • New typography
  • Web design
  • WordPress development
  • Style guide
  • Brand DNA workshop

Strategy & Approach

Developing The Strategy: Our facilitated session revealed AIE Flooring's core challenges and objectives, setting the foundation for subsequent branding and marketing efforts.

Defining The Brand: Through a series of exercises in the strategy session, we were able to extract and refine the key pillars of the brand, describing its personality to be coherent and compelling.

Understanding The Users: Knowing that AIE Flooring aims for quality without premium pricing, we tailored the online experience to engage customers who know what they want and trust AIE to deliver.


Stylescapes: We presented three stylescapes—Mild, Spicy, and Hot—that encapsulated everything we had learned from the Brand DNA session, guiding the visual identity of the brand.

Brand Refresh: The new logo and name were not just aesthetic updates; they were strategic moves to loudly express AIE as a reliable flooring company.

Website: We developed a WordPress website featuring an online catalogue that is both intuitive and engaging. Utilizing AR technology, the site allows customers to visualize flooring options in real time.


  • Traffic & Awareness: Post-launch, the site saw a surge in traffic and overall brand awareness.
  • Customer Trust: The straightforward, honest approach has made customers feel they are in safe hands, reinforcing AIE's position as a trusted brand in the flooring market.

By putting the customer at the centre of the brand experience, we empowered AIE Flooring to articulate its value proposition more effectively than ever before. Another example of how C:Connect

bridges the gap between innovation and impact, creating digital experiences that resonate.



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