Overview of client profile and deliverables for Willowdale Place project.
Challenges faced by Willowdale Place and the implemented solutions.
Community analytics and survey results from Willowdale Place.
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Strategy and approach section, emphasizing user understanding and brand positioning.
Stylescapes illustrating the visual narrative of Willowdale Place.
Brand refresh presentation including the new Willowdale Place logo concept.
Color palette and typography choices for Willowdale Place brand identity.
Showcase page featuring the Willowdale website's homepage on desktop and mobile devices, highlighting the community's digital platform.
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Willowdale Place - Reinventing Community Connection 🌳


In a world craving meaningful connections, Willowdale Place aimed to transcend conventional community engagement by fostering authentic bonds and a unified identity. We aimed to amplify the community spirit through strategic design and innovative digital solutions that resonate with Willowdale's collective ethos.


Our transformative journey began with an in-depth Brand DNA Workshop. This critical phase allowed us to immerse ourselves in the community's core values, shaping a design strategy that reflected the authentic voice of Willowdale's residents.

Strategy & Approach:

  • Developing The Strategy: Insights gathered from community surveys and collaborative sessions were pivotal. We synthesized this knowledge to devise a strategy that integrates digital innovation with authentic community narratives.
  • Defining The Brand: A refreshed brand identity emerged from our strategic framework, encapsulating Willowdale Place's dedication to inclusivity, trust, and progressive growth.
  • User Personas: Our design, informed by the varied fabric of the community, ensures an inclusive & accessible experience for every resident.


  • Community-Centric Design: The result was a sleek, modern website alongside a user-friendly community app that captures Willowdale's dynamic essence.
  • Digital Platform: Built on Webflow, these platforms are the new nucleus for community interaction, providing effortless navigation to essential resources and events.


  • Enhanced Community Engagement: Our platforms now pulse at the heart of Willowdale, catalyzing resident engagement and fostering a profound sense of belonging.
  • Setting a New Benchmark: This project positions C:Connect at the forefront of community-focused digital innovation, charting a course for similar initiatives across Edmonton.


C:Connect has transformed Willowdale Place from a mere residential area into a vibrant, interconnected community. Our fusion of design & technology has woven the diverse threads of Willowdale's stories into a tapestry of connected living, setting a new paradigm in community engagement.



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