Brand DNA Discovery

Brand DNA Discovery: The Keystone of Your Brand's Success

Brand DNA Discovery is not just another tool in our arsenal; the linchpin holds your brand together. We build the brand's foundation by drawing on Jose Callibare's Core Discovery framework. This methodology fits perfectly within our overall branding strategy, previously outlined in articles discussing the science behind branding and the power of storytelling.

What is Brand DNA Discovery?

Unlike your average branding sessions, Brand DNA Discovery is a meticulously structured, interactive, and collaborative approach that delves into the core of who you are, what your business aims to achieve, and what your customers truly need. Its effectiveness in delivering a comprehensive, actionable blueprint for your brand sets it apart from standard branding procedures.

The Three Pillars of Brand DNA Discovery

Our methodology revolves around three pivotal elements:

  1. Brand: This goes far beyond the logo and colours. We delve into your mission, vision, values, and personality. For instance, if you are an eco-friendly startup, your brand's essence may revolve around sustainability and social responsibility.
  2. Goals: We work with you to identify immediate and long-term business objectives. These serve as the compass guiding our strategy, which in turn helps us deliver not just visually appealing but also efficient solutions.
  3. User: We conduct an in-depth analysis of your target audience, examining their needs, pain points, and preferences. This ensures that the brand we help you build is aesthetically pleasing and resonates deeply with your audience.

The C:Connect Twist: Going Beyond CORE Discovery

While we embrace the essence of the CORE Discovery framework, we've also added our innovative exercises to the mix, such as the Business Model Canvas—a strategic management tool that gives an overview of your business on a single page—and SWOT Analysis, a comprehensive look into your business's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

We also incorporate the Japanese philosophy of IKIGAI, helping businesses understand the "Why" behind their existence, creating a brand with a genuine purpose.

Aligning CORE Values and C:Connect Principles

Both CORE Discovery and C:Connect are grounded in the transformative power of design and strategy. Our shared values include leadership in design strategy, a collaborative approach, and iterative scaffolding towards a final solution. Real-world case studies validate the success of these shared principles, confirming their effectiveness in modern brand building.

Live, Visual, Fun: Our Approach

At C:Connect, Brand DNA Discovery is:

  1. Live: All decisions are made in real time with stakeholders, fostering an environment of transparency and inclusion.
  2. Visual: Everything is documented visually, which aids in the open exchange of ideas and ensures no insight is lost in translation.
  3. Fun: We make the sessions engaging and enjoyable, promoting a comfortable space for everyone to share their ideas openly.

Why Choose Brand DNA Discovery?

The benefits of choosing this method for your brand strategy are multifold, from immediate clarity in brand identity to aligning your business goals and understanding your customer's needs. Client testimonials and data underscore these advantages, making Brand DNA Discovery a compelling choice for any business serious about building a successful brand.


Brand DNA Discovery is much more than a branding exercise; it's a transformative experience that will shape the trajectory of your brand. It's an unparalleled deep dive into your brand's potential, offering customized solutions built on a proven framework.

Ready to unlock the full potential of your brand? Contact us to begin your Brand DNA Discovery journey.